Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and your client could “see” new equipment and its noise levels before a single piece of equipment is installed?  Imagine a colorful illustration which clearly delineates scenarios and solutions.  This post shows just a couple of examples.

It’s not magic, but in the hands of a qualified acoustical engineer, the noise prediction software CadnaA might appear that way.

Noise contours are lines that connect sound levels like elevations on a topo map.  The contours can be overlaid on satellite photos, site plans, local maps, photos, etc., to show the predicted sound levels from one or many noise sources in an accurate, highly visual way.


Noise contours of industrial facility

Example of noise contours predicted from industrial rooftop equipment at a residential neighborhood


Noise maps are most powerful when used to show noise from facilities with many sources – such as power plants, gas compressor stations, roof top mechanical units on a school or high-rise residence, etc.   They are also often seen in conjunction with airport runways.  It is easy to evaluate multiple options for mitigation.

A graphic representation of noise levels is highly effective in public meetings, hearings, or in management presentations when various scenarios are being discussed.

Intrigued?  Call Wave Engineering for a demonstration and watch the “magic”.